Seabook (Mobile Application)

Seabook is a world-wide well-known Maritime application with 400,000+ downloads by Maritime Professionals and seafarers.

Seabook serves as a key information source for seafarers and shore-based employees to promote safer seas and cleaner waters.

Application is able to run all devices including iPhone/Android Smartphones, Tablets, BlackBerry Devices even smart televisions!

More details about application with screenshots are available at

STAS (Seafarers Training and Assessment System)

I am proud to roll out STAS which is an online Training Software with its assessment capability.

The use of computer-based training (CBT) has been increasing over the past years with the ability to combine a wide variety of multimedia content as a great advantage on learning and development which researches indicated the effectiveness of such training method. Thus, to create a complete learning program is to allow participants to interact with the material, contents, scenarios, case studies and to learn according to requirements, pace with learning styles.

STAS supports all files types (DOC/PPT/Video/Audio/Interactive flash) to build training library.

Training or Assessment assignments can be given either to an individual seafarer, multiple batch of ranks onboard or group of vessel types and more.

STAS uses the most secure encryption and algorithm for password protection as well as training materials and supports mobile connections from smartphones, tablets and lap/desktop computers.

STAS is implemented for the requirement of my employer, a Shanghai/China based Shipmanagement/Crewing Company and accessible by 5,000 seafarers in all ranks.

Demo is available at

Please contact for username & password.

Software development has been one of my key passion that supports me to explore and improve solving skills as I have written various applications under different programming and scripting languages.

Major used computing languages are C, Python, ASP, PHP, SQL and VisualBasic but also supporting scripts with Java, Bash & RegEx.

Computer networking and socket programming under *nix/Linux open source systems with voluntary contribution to Debian Linux for both localization (GTK+) and bug-checks since '99.

The programs listed below are complete but no longer under development.

  • Kobi+
    This project written under ASP language with MsSQL database connection. Customer Relationship Management application written for KobiEfor Monthly Economy Magazine for SME's head office.

  • VoyFixCalc
    Useful calculation tool for my company that highly and alternatively calculates voyage expences and recommends freight for brokerage. Written under Visual Basic language with a microsoft excel widget.

  • Port Scanner and Sniffer
    Experimental socket programming tool developed under Linux (Debian) with C language.

  • dlweb
    Alternative web download tool written in python language similar to wget.

    Do not hesitate to request any of above softwares for source codes.

  • Coded with text editor under PHP, HTML, CSS Language with mySQL database


    Istanbul - 2013