Economic Effects of Container Shipping into World Seaborne Trade - English


The major reasons for the growth in container shipping are, on the demand side, the increasing international division of labour in the course of liberalisation and the resulting trade movements; and also the rise in importance of goods eminently suited to transport by container. On the supply side, the considerable expansion of the container ship fleets and faster loading and unloading of container ships are playing an important part; they allow short turnaround times in port.

Table of contents, tables - acronym and abbreviations list can be found here.

Maersk Line W5X Service Notes - Turkish

Contains information about Maersk Line's West Africa Service (W5X) sea informations includes navigation, berthing, port formalities and more.

Maersk Ships Performance System (MSPS) and Maersk Vessel Bunker (VB version 2.1) handy manual and software informations with screenshots included.

Meteorology Support Units - Turkish

Shore systems for seafarers how to have an idea about weather expectations.

Synoptic Record usage and collabration with world wide meteorology offices.

This publication written due to request of Term work. Therefore simple pages & tables are in English Language.

Gemicilik I / II - Turkish

Translation : Seamanship I / II

Concerning basic seamanship including knots, deck equipments, manoeuvring according to IMO Course code 7.01.

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