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Language of technology simplified for adaptation to forthcoming developments by laying a diversified foundation. Risks and its solutions at high seas. See it.

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Economic Effects of Container Shipping into World Seaborne Trade English

The major reasons for the growth in container shipping are, on the demand side, the increasing international division of labour in the course of liberalisation and the resulting trade movements; and also the rise in importance of goods eminently suited to transport by container. On the supply side, the considerable expansion of the container ship fleets and faster loading and unloading of container ships are playing an important part; they allow short turnaround times in port.

Table of contents, tables - acronym and abbreviations list can be found here.

Maersk Line W5X English

This comprehensive handbook contains information on Maersk Line's West Africa Service (W5X) Route. The publication details navigation routes, berthing conditions, and port formalities with charts, plans, and actual photos. It highlights particular piracy precautions and additional measurements in the area on top of BMP.

Maersk Ships Performance System (MSPS) and Maersk Vessel Bunker are further detailed to support Bridge Team onboard and ease the workload.

Meteorology Support Units Turkish

A particular term publication to explain meteorological support units for seafarers working on board the ships. The publication guides on the best practices of the weather forecast for safe voyages, and details the practical application of synoptic charts.

Seamanship (Boatswain's Manual) Turkish

A complete guide covers all the seamanship topics as per the relevant model course of the International Maritime Organization and best practices for support and operational levels under STCW.


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