I play guitars and compose sound lines, the favor of blues in minor tones. My bass sounded in many festivals and pubs with alternative, rock and blues bands.

List of Equipments ;

  • Ibanez Steel 12 String Guitar
  • Custom Electric 6 String Guitar with S. Duncan
  • Cort A-5 Bass Guitar
  • Washburn Mercury Series MD-4 Bass Guitar
  • Boss GT - 8 Digital Guitar Effects Processor
  • Boss GE - 7
  • Boss BD - 2
  • Boss GEB-7
  • Boss ODB-3
  • Boss SYB-5
  • Boss Dr. Beat DB66
  • Fostex X-28H
  • Turkish Oud
  • Balalaika
  • Mandolin
  • Harmonica
  • Hohner Amplificator

Following albums remind great memories,

Norah Jones - Feels Like Home

Feels Like Home is the second album by jazz songwriter Norah Jones , released in 2004. Recorded 2003 at Avatar Studios (New York, New York), Sorcerer Sound (New York, New York), Sear Sound Studio (New York, New York) and Allaire Studios (Shokan, New York) Genre Jazz, Country, Folk

Hugh Marsh - Hugmars

Hugh Marsh (born June 5, 1955 in Montreal , Quebec, Canada) is a violinist from Toronto , known for his electric violin sound. Marsh was nominated for a 2007 Juno Award in the best contemporary jazz album category. Nominated for 2007 Juno Award , Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year. Beyond jazz: acid, electronic and rock elements. Genre: Jazz, Acid Jazz Release Date: 2006

Loreena McKennitt - Nights from the Alhambra

Nights from the Alhambra is a live album and DVD from the Canadian singer, songwriter, accordionist, harpist, and pianist, Loreena McKennitt and is her first live concert DVD. It was recorded in September 2006, live on location at the Palace of Charles V, in the Alhambra , Granada , Spain , and released commercially in September 2007.

Hasan Cihat Orter - Re-formation

Hasan Cihat Orter (born October 24, 1958 in Istanbul , Turkey) is a Turkish composer , guitarist and arranger About 3 years old "genius child" met with the piano and violin music began. Later, he met and the first serious lessons in classical guitar from the age of 5, Professor.Antonio Doumezitch 'received from (1963-68) and the classes went on for 5 years. Master, Emin Ongan Turkish music copmposition, authority and taking lessons, Uskudar Musical Association, (Uskudar Musiki Cemiyeti) in 1974 and graduated from, Semsi Yasdiman, binding, and studied Turkish Folk music, jazz music and also became interested in the meantime, small orchestras and has been playing the professional. Berklee College of Music and the Conservatoire Royal de Liege worked. (1977 - 80) has been turned into a book's work and thoughts.


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