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Sea IT - Maritime Cyber Security and Terminology of e-High Seas!

Sea IT Book Cover (Vault)

Maritime Cyber Security explained with demonstrated scenarios in real codes!

Language of technology simplified for adaptation to forthcoming developments by laying a diversified foundation. Risks and its solutions at high seas. See it.

Sea IT demonstrates following scenarios for educational purposes;

  • Man-in-the-Middle attack (MITM) - Network sniff by guests to capture email passwords and entire data
  • Ransomware - Encryption! of files without consent
  • Ships's Network - Access to vessel Cargo Control Room and Stability Manipulation
  • Shipmanagement Systems (PMS) database truncate - Remove records prior audit/inspection
  • CCTV Camera Streaming and Cyber Security concerns
  • Viruses (Trojans/Payloads) over Rubber Ducky/USB/Network/Emails
  • GPS Spoofing via scripts
  • Access to company network through external (e-Learning/Training) servers
  • SQL injection - database manipulation & shell (reverse/bind) accesses
  • Evil Twin Wireless (WiFi) Spoofing
  • Network scanning (penetration testing) tools


Sea IT clarifies following terminology for Marine professionals,

  • Computers & Hardware
  • Working Principles
  • Ports and Connections
  • Bit ● Hertz ● Keys ● Bytes
  • File Systems & Operating Systems
  • Computer Network Systems
  • Servers & Client Relations
  • Big Data Management
  • Cloud Computers
  • Data Models
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • BlockChain
  • Software Development
  • Programming Languages
  • Macros, Conditions and Security


All above are simplified in an encouraging language. See it.

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