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Koh Samui Diving at Sail Rock for Whale Shark

I have made a trip to Thailand to dive at Sail Rock (‘Hin Bai’ in Thai language) where is a premier diving site in the Gulf of Thailand distance about 35 nautical miles from Koh Samui island.

I have recorded this video on May 2018 and quoted details below.
Enjoy watching & reading.

Sail Rock rises up 8m out of the water and the dive site has depth of over 40m. The actual rock wall drop down to below 20 metres, where it meets sand that gradually banks away. There is a second large rock – that doesn’t reach the surface – on the south east of the dive site that drops down into the sand at more than 30 metres. Several smaller scattered rocks surround the main rock.

It was a very unique experience to meet with "Whale Shark" (Rhincodon typus), is a slow-moving, filter-feeding carpet shark and the largest known extant fish species. The whale shark holds many records for sheer size in the animal kingdom, most notably being by far the largest living nonmammalian vertebrate. The species originated about 60 million years ago.

Sail Rock is unique as it gives you the opportunity to descend (and ascend should you wish to) actually inside the rock! Boasting a vertical like swim through, known as “the chimney”, this presents a cool buoyancy challenge for advanced divers. You enter at 5m – in single file – and descend down to 18m where you exit.

You can see a variety of fish, including soldier fish and blue spotted trout hiding out in the shadows of the Chimney and as you exit you should see an extremely inquisitive Giant Moral Eel just outside. Boasting scorpion fish amongst the mixed hard corals covering the rocks and ledges, Sail Rock offers plenty for macro enthusiasts including shrimps, crabs and Nudibranch.

Koh Samui island is one of popular destination not only for diving but Muay Thai boxing/training, Hiking trails and nightlife of Thailand. I've stayed in "Chaweng" area which is famous with restaurants and drinks. It takes 15 minutes e-bike to reach Pier to cast off for diving.


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