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I have opened a GitHub account to share the codes of "OpenECDIS" system.

OpenECDIS is a freeware Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) used for nautical navigation as an alternative to paper nautical charts. OpenECDIS system displays the information from Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) and integrates position information from position (GPS), heading (Gyro) and speed (both from GPS and STW) and optionally other navigational sensors. Other sensors which could interface with an ECDIS are Radar (ARPA), Navtex, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), and echosounders.

OpenECDIS is an alternative freeware software can be used onboard by the OoW and Captais as an aid to navigation for both monitoring and voyage planning.

Since the openECDIS is an volunteer and source project, it does not replace the IMO requirements but the support and flexibility.

Project will be updated under Git/here once the core module tested onboard.

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