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Debian Linux - Shutdown Error

Finally found some spare time to test latest Debian v.7 and installed on my spare laptop which has dual cpu. After years finally found installation satisfactory for both graphical and text base. However after few hours testing new system at the end found a little problem at least :) I made "laptop" and "server" installation but guide should missed a point. Software could not reach power control management when default installation carried out. Thus, when "halt" &/ "shutdown now" &/ commands executed all deamons able to stop but hardware does not turn off.

In order to manage this ,

Uninstall ACPid with command ;

# apt-get remove acpid

Install apmd with latest update from source,

# apt-get install apmd

Now you can "halt".

For some people asking what is debian ;

Is an operating system composed of free software mostly carrying the GNU General Public License.The operating system is developed by an internet collaboration of volunteers aligned with The Debian Project. Its focus of different kernels makes it appeal to different titles, such as Debian GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. Debian names its operating systems with kernel names and the word GNU, since Debian depends on its software development using GNU tools.

Debian GNU/Linux is one of the most popular Linux distributions for personal and Internet server machines.Debian is seen as a solid Linux, and as a consequence has been used as a base for other Linux distributions. Debian has been forked many times, but is not affiliated with derivatives.

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